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Unlocking the locked door of real estate

If your door is locked or stuck, you can count on us. Our specialists will come to the place as soon as possible and help you to solve the problem. We work on opening all types of doors.

Unlocking a locked car door

If you've left your car key inside or the lock has been damaged, we can help you open the door undamaged on all makes and models of vehicles.

Installation of a damaged lock

If your door or vehicle lock is damaged or you lose your key, we can help you repair it or replace it as needed. Our professionals will help you to eliminate the listed problems.

Welding of the damaged hinge of the door

If your door hinge is broken, or worn and prevents the door from closing, or has a gap, we are ready to help you repair it or weld a new one (for iron doors)

automatic door closer

A mechanical door closer provides automatic closing of your door. Also, it will prevent you from closing the door suddenly. We will help you to install the mentioned device in a quality and efficient manner.

Door glass installation

If your door does not have a so-called "glazok", we offer the service of installing it by cutting a slot in the door.

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